Temporary Club Charging Privileges

Do you hate when the club bar inevitably gets backed up at a busy regatta? Annoyed and inconvenienced when you have to purchase “drink tickets” or “chits”? Well we agree, and we have a plan to make the upcoming Caterwaul Regatta as smooth sailing off the water as it is out on the course. Like many private clubs, St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club is not set up to accept cash at the bar or in our restaurant, so we encourage all competitors and their guests to set up a Temporary Yacht Club Account for charging privileges during the regatta.


Although several meals and refreshments are included in your registration fee, there is plenty more you’ll want to partake in while you are with us. There will be a different fabulous “Drink of the Day” Special every day; the Club has one of the best wine selections you’ll find anywhere (not to mention a good selection of Rums…) and you won’t want to miss Breakfast on Saturday morning. For the non-sailors, you should treat yourself to the incredible Sunday Buffet — a delectable spread of breakfast, lunch and brunch items. We want all our regatta guests to have an amazing experience at St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club, so help us ensure a smooth check-in process by setting up your Temporary Yacht Club Account before you arrive!